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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hulu not working on rooted android device - Required DRM not supported [93]

If you have a rooted device, you've most likely encountered the following error while trying to run Hulu+: "Required DRM not supported [93]".

Here's the fix for that.
  1. Go over to this XDA post: "Breaking News" HuluPlus.apk Has Been Successfully Modded By Vgeezy
    Credit: blunttedsmurf
  2. Download one of the modded Hulu+ apk's (landscape mode or regular mode) and sideload it onto your device
  3. Go the android market (Play Store) and download the "AdAway" app
  4. Launch AdAway and Disable ad blocking. Alternatively, you can instead just whitelist *.hulu.com
  5. Reboot your device
  6. Launch Hulu+ and enjoy your favorite shows!

Note: You must first have a paid-for Hulu+ membership.

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